Famous people with bipolar disorder

Mental illnesses like bipolar disorder may be inherited or could be godsend. When the condition invades a person’s life, they are difficult to detect and often reluctant to leave. Life gets tougher as the person has difficulty with daily activities and social life. Situations get tougher when the victim is a popular public figure. Bipolar disorder leaves a permanent scar on their career. Frequent mood swings and short-temper affect their publicity. Some mental illnesses are embarrassing and some people deal with it by concealing it temporarily. This is not a wise way out because the illness grows with time and invades parts of the brain altering its physical state. Depressive mental diseases do not care about a person’s social status. There are examples of few notable people who have suffered and spoken openly about having bipolar disorder while for others it caused them their lives. Public figures are working hard to create awareness among people and raise fund for research of the illness.

Virginia Woolf

Author Virginia Woolf, a very well-known critique, novelist and essayist was courageous to discuss about having bipolar disorder in public. However, it was very unfortunate that she committed suicide at the age of 59 testifying her sufferings in a note she left behind. By then she had reached a highly depressive stage. Just before her suicide, Virginia Woolf conversed in various interviews regarding her mental illness and how she had endured.

Numerous famous people suffer from bipolar during the middle of their career which is the ‘rising peak’ of their career stage. Kurt Cobain, co-founder of Nirvana had this disorder and he did not seek treatment. He eventually committed suicide at the age of 27 despite his remarkably success.

While others reveal their mental illness at the end of their career after many years of suffering. Earlier there was no medication for the illness so it was difficult to detect and diagnose. Vivien Leigh, the Oscar winning actress from “Gone with the Wind” girl, was suffering from bipolar disorder and it was very difficult to analyze the illness back then. Without medications, Vivien Leigh suffered severely during her shootings of forthcoming movies. The work load and lack of proper treatment made her life miserable. She was heading towards a depressive stage every moment.

Bebe Rexha, a Grammy nominated singer tweeted openly about the illness. She confessed about pursuing treatment to People’s Magazine. Famous action movie actor, Jean Claude Van Damme, Sting, rock musician of “Desert Rose” were diagnosed with the disease. Mariyah Carey, a smash-hitting musician sought treatment for the disorder in 2001. She lived in isolation for years before she got back to music. The singer and actress Demi Lovato not only struggled with the disease since 2012, she indulged in self harm and addiction.

The legendary Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, suffered bouts of reactive depression. He had flared tempers which caused him to cut off his ear. He would often hallucinate and lose consciousness. He apparently shot himself at the age of 37 with his last words being “ sadness will last forever”. The Great poet of the 19th century, Lord Byron was another bipolar genius. 

Manic depressive behavior caused Ernest Hemingway to take his life in 1961. He was so obsessed with death that he shot himself in the head. Anne Sexton, another famous American poet killed herself in 1974. It was concluded after investigation that she was fighting bipolar disorder.


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