40 pieces Little Alligator Stickers for Scrapbooking

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Little Alligator Stickers in pack of 40 weighs only 9 grams. These kawaii Little Alligator Stickers are sticky on the back 🥰🥰 Perfect for your crafting and scrapbooking needs. You can also paste these kawaii Little Alligator Stickers on your phone or paste them on calendars.

Aww! Just look how cute this little alligator's activities are 😊😊These adorable gator Stickers in Pack of 40 make great gifts for any animal lover and are perfect for invitation cards. In fact these adorable Little Alligator Stickers will melt your valentine's hearts if you sent them as gifts. 

Size of box: LxWxH: 44mm x 44mm x 11mm approx. Please allow slight variations in size due to manual measurement. Order multiple stationery items to reduce shipping costs. Weight is upto 9 grams.