Sakura flower sticky note pads- 30 sheets per pack memo pads

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These Sakura flower sticky note pads are ideal for crafting and hobby ideas. The top back of the note pad is adhesive. If you are a craft addict or love scrapbooking ideas, these Sakura flower sticky note pads will make your projects more aesthetic. 

These sticky note pads are also known as memo pads. 1 pad contains 20 note sheets. You can also use the Sakura flower sticky note pads on daily planners.

We have 9 varieties of memo pads. These Sakura flower sticky note pads make great gifts for any occasion and are perfect for invitation cards. 

Size: LxW: 90 mm x 110 mm approx. and 12 grams each. Please allow slight variations in size. 

Order multiple stationery items to reduce shipping costs. These memo pads are made with non hazardous material and is safe for the environment.