Shawlin Islam
Hello, I am Shawlin, an Architect and illustrator who enjoys combining my drawings into patterns and artwork to license them to craft makers, Interior designers, Product designers and Art galleries worldwide. I was brought up in Kuwait and later travelled to Dhaka. Here I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Diploma in Interior Design.
I was a student when I started as a freelance writer in 2007, responsible for developing blog content, product descriptions, eBooks & more. Later I developed interest in Architecture, Art and product design. Ecommerce has fascinated me ever since I made my first purchase from eBay at 2010. That was the start of the journey that led to this International website. I have been constantly learning and working offline before I finally launched this in February 2019.
Ever since I launched this website, my work has received popularity in countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Ecuador, USA, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia, South Korea, Iran and South Africa. Currently I work as a Textile artist for a Brand based in Berlin and as an Architect at a reputed firm in Dhaka.
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